What is Your Secret Sauce?
Move beyond the competition zone.
No matter what your journey, you add a flavor, a view point, and way of doing things for your customers that distinguishes you in the market.  People buy from people even when they are investing in a product. Discover and own the secret sauce produced by your influence on the corporate culture.
Your success code is embedded in your DNA.
No matter how you slice it, your preferences, tendencies, innate strengths, and talents are part of the package that is you.  The Creator of the Universe hid the keys in your very being. The elements that set you and your company apart are closer than you realize. 
You are a problem solver. 
Whether you work for someone else or are leading your own business, you bring a resourcefulness and ability to synthesize what you know to create outcomes, experiences, and implement processes...if not yourself, than you are leading others to do so.  This is where the value exchange occurs and money changes hands. 
Strategist, Executive Coach, Speaker, Author Kathie Nelson is known for her ability to help you connect your gifting and abilities to create outcomes to an audience that craves what you bring to the table. Kathie Nelson
A serial entrepreneur Kathie is currently coaching executive leaders to build sound businesses, accelerate through alignment, and mentoring small groups for leveraged results.  
“Your capacity for growth lies in your areas of strength. Developing your weaknesses only leads to competence, never brilliance. The world needs your brilliance, your message,&  your vision now, more than ever. Be more YOU."